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Read Before Buying!

As with all live animal sales, there is a risk that they may arrive dead (DOA). If this is the case then a picture of the dead fish within their original bag must be emailed to the same day of delivery for a full refund. If the fish die after anytime after they are released into their tank, that responsibility falls on the owner and no refund can be provided. 

Also, with all live animals there is a risk that they can develop illnesses, some life threatening, others not. If your goldfish develops an illness the problem is most likely with the quality of your water, but there are other things it could be too. If your goldfish develops an illness, start by researching it on the internet or by watching some of my YouTube videos  . If you cannot find answers through your own research you should contact a veterinary professional. I will not be responding to anyone asking me for veterinary advice, as I am not a vet.